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Published November 26, 2011 by deborahviola

In the world today there is so much hatred, crime, anger,wars , and more. So many people go threw life ignoring the world around them. Turning a blind eye to it all.  I set everyday and ask myself why we all can’t just get along? the whole world is always fighting over something. And for what ? To see who can get the most or who and get the most power?


Why do we put up with cheating?

Published November 25, 2011 by deborahviola

Well for 1 some of us are afraid to be alone. 2scnd some of think we can’t do any better. 3thrd some of us are to kind hearted and give more chance. 4th some of us just settle. It use to be all of the above with me  Then i woke up and said there is no way i am going to keep being done this  way .  Because love is pure and should not ever be tainted. If you really truly love someone you don’t cheat on them. You don’t lie to them.